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Hello Sunshine!

I spent my earliest childhood years in the Middle East and traveling the world, so you could say that traveling runs in my blood. 

I remember on a Kenyan safari my parents taking a before sunrise, animal watching boat trip.  My dad noticed the hippo’s eyes pop under the water right in front of their boat and yelled “Hippo ahead!” All of a sudden the nine passengers felt BUMP, BUMP, BUMP as the boat traveled along the hippo’s back.  The boat tipped sideways as the hippo opened its’ mouth and bit the boat.  The first passenger’s head was underwater with his brand new, very expensive camera gear.  Another sightseer was clicking his camera non-stop capturing the priceless memory.  One of the images still hangs on my parents refrigerator.

The journey changes you – spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  When you take global family vacations, you create strong family bonds through new cultural experiences, as well as lifelong friendships.  When I ventured to Arizona to earn my engineering degree, I planted some roots and now photograph my own family’s travel adventures.

I believe we all see the world through a particular lens, and that shapes what we see and experience.  It’s pure magic to create a session that captures the essence of your family right now, at this stage of life, personalities just as they are.  I want you to be able to look back on these images and see the way your life unfolded every day, the nuances, eccentrics, silly antics, quiet moments, and relationships between each person in the family.

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Always choose adventure,